In 2014, Indian-American Director Sanjay Rawal released his film Food Chains to wide critical acclaim, the New York Times calling it “Rousing…emphatic and empathetic.” There are countless documentaries out there that deconstruct everything from fast-food gastronomy to mammoth corporations that are hijacking the food chain. And yes, we need those docs to enlighten us. But there’s a missing piece to this fascination we have with food production and the politics behind it. That missing piece, as Sanjay brought to light in this film, is the people. Food Chains takes interest in the hands that pick the food we eat, the farmworkers who make up the core of the fresh food industry and yet are supremely robbed of liveable wages and routinely abused. The film was an expose that the U.S. News and Report called “tremendously important and powerful.”

Nearly 3 years later, Sanjay has released another film that looks at a different subject matter entirely – running. But saying the film is about “running” alone is a great disservice. 3100: RUN AND BECOME explores the deep personal commitments that we make to ourselves, to improve, to expand, to grow. Taking the audience on a journey from the Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa to the temples of Mount Hiei Japan, Sanjay shows us what it means to view running as not just an act or exercise but as a spiritual practice.

Before Sanjay turned to film, he was a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley studying Molecular and Cell Biology on a fast-track to a career in medicine. But like so many of us, Sanjay questioned the path he was on and the direction his like was taking. He followed his own questions back to the east coast to become a student under a prominent Indian spiritual teacher by the name of Sri Chinmoy. “What followed,” as one article puts it, “is life committed to spiritual expansion. And a calling to improve the collective human condition.”

3100: Run and Become is born directly out of Sanjay’s commitment to not only his own spiritual growth but everyone’s. In the film, the spotlight is on an elite race that takes place every year in Queens, New York. It claims the title for the longest certified footrace in the world. Founded in 1977 by Sri Chinmoy, the same man who helped guide Sanjay towards his new life purpose, the Self-Transcendence 3100 has always been about more than running – the heart of the race is transcendence.

Gathr Films is excited to partner with Sanjay to bring 3100: RUN AND BECOME to theaters through Theatrical on Demand®, bringing the opportunity to every runner out there to host a screening of this film in your hometown. We encourage you to visit the film’s website to find screening events taking place in you area. If there aren’t any, we invite you to host your own screening event! Join us on this journey!

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