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INTRODUCING: The Gathr Event Box
By Ashley Sullivan and Lucy Copp

The audience has spoken. And we listened.

We’ve all seen those membership box companies gain traction in the past couple years. They send you teeny makeup samples, shaving kits, farm-to-table jams, and the companies creating these niche box sets are growing. Target has a $7 a month Beauty Box, and so does Walmart. And it doesn’t stop there! There are boxes for pets, for socks, for foodies, and gamers. There’s EVEN a box called “Hunt A Killer” and advertises itself as “a real world escape room.” No thanks but good for them.

You get the idea. Companies are catering (pun intended) to their customers and as we at Gathr continue to listen to our community we’ve learned that OUR OWN speciality box may not just be a superfluous add-on but an actual necessity for our Movie Captains™.

It’s been brought to our attention that one of the most commonly requested items for our Theatrical On Demand® screening events has been and still is MICROPHONES. One of (I think) the coolest things about a Theatrical On Demand® screening is the host’s ability to mold and shape the event into something that they’re proud of, something that will resonate with their audience more than your usual trip to the local cinema. Our Captains want to customize their screenings with Q&As, fundraisers, raffles, and red carpets, press releases and radio spots. And even though there are way more Gathr Movie Captains™ than Gathr employees, we do our best to keep our ears to the ground and our fingers on the pulse of all these screening events across the country.

Many of our Movie Captains™ take advantage of the extra time we’re allotted after Gathr screenings to have Q&As. They invite the filmmakers or members of their community to speak on issues raised in the film. However, it’s been difficult to for many Movie Captains™ to get their hands on microphones that are a crucial part of a post-screening panel. Many theaters do not provide them and neither do we.

This became the heart of the inspiration to create the Gathr Event Box.

The Gathr Event Box is designed for screening night success. Included in each Event Box is a multi-use amplifier and two wireless microphones. The microphones come with fresh batteries (put in by yours truly), and but we do recommend that you charge your amplifier before the screening event.

Accompanying the microphone kit are selected pieces of merchandise from the film you are screening. For example, when someone requests a box for a screening of  “Life in the Doghouse” they receive swag or merch from that specific film. If they have requested a screening of “Intelligent Lives” then they have items that come from that team, in this case custom stationery with original artwork by one of the protagonists!

Last but not least, we threw in a few trinkets of love from the Gathr team. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we just wanted to send a little something to say, “Thanks!” to all our captains. Did we mention that you keep everything? Hold onto that mic kit for your next screening!

Upon signing up to host a screening event you can choose to add the Event Box to your screening. The price of the box is factored into the tipping number, which is the number of tickets that need to be sold for the screening to be confirmed. This number typically increases by about 10 reservations. This covers the cost of the box. Fortunately, as the Movie Captain™ it costs nothing, plus you receive 2 complimentary tickets automatically as the host. Once your screening meets its reservation quota we will reach out to you for the best address and send you the Event Box!

We’re thrilled that so far, the reviews from our Movie Captains™ have been great, and the number of people requesting the Event Box for their screening is growing! One of our community members, Kim Balstad, was the first of three to receive an Event Box for her event. Kim held an exclusive screening event of The Doctor From India in Austin, TX to kick-off the weekend of her second annual Aum Nation Expo. She reported back that not only was she thrilled with the contents of the box itself, but having her own microphone and speaker made the world of difference compared to her previous Gathr events.

You can view Kim’s unveiling of the Gathr Event Box here.

We wanted to produce an effective alternative to shouting interactions with your audience, and with the Gathr Event Box, you’ll be able to deliver top quality sound with ease. This is the ideal package for when you have guest speakers, Q&A’s, and in some cases, Kirtan chanting!

Each box is packed by hand, stuffed with love, and ready to go to it’s forever home! Thank you to our community for your continued feedback and support as we do our best to give you our best!

-The Gathr Team

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