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What format should I submit my full feature?

We need it in a H.264 (mp3) format. Please send us a way we can download it. A Vimeo link is fine, as long as the settings allow for us to download it. Dropbox works as well.

What format should I send in my trailer?

Please submit your trailer in H.264 format

Is it possible to attach a charity to add to my film?

Yes, you can add a charity which gives customers the opportunity to donate as they are checking out. To add a charity, we need:

  • charity name
  • tax ID/EIN
  • address
  • description of up to 500 characters

What other assets do I need to submit with the full feature + trailer?

We ask that each filmmaker provides the following assets:

  • 3 production stills
  • Film poster
  • 15/30 second clip for social media
  • Headshots + titles for people participating in post screening Q&A

What are the deal terms for merchandise/ ancillary sales?

Gathr takes 20% plus the 5% for credit card fees. For ancillary sales Gathr buys product at 40% of MSRP.


What films do best with this model?

Social action films with a Call to Action. Films that have an established fan-base, and affiliation with organizations who support the film’s mission. Tribal films with a distinct following, Faith based films, films about women, historically have done well.

What films do best with this model?

Social action films with a Call to Action. Films that have an established fan-base, and affiliation with organizations who support the film’s mission. Tribal films with a distinct following, Faith based films, films about women, historically have done well.

What are the secrets to a successful TOD® release?

We are so happy you asked that question! The films that do best are when the filmmaker and/or team is actively invested in promoting and marketing their film. Films that have developed their tribe, who have a extensive email list and social media following. Encouraging and guiding Movie Captain to sell out their screenings, not just tip. Filmmakers who have good marketing materials: A good trailer and poster poster, created additional promotional elements for your Gathr toolbox. Have an on-going social media presence.

What is a tipping point?

The tipping point is the minimum quantity of tickets that need to be sold in order for a screening to go forward. This is the break even point which is determined by the costs of the theatre rental, and other costs related to the screening. The tip varies depending on the theatre, the day, and the location.

On average, how much money can I make per screening?

That really depends on many factors: the seat capacity of the theatre, how many tickets sold, etc.  For example, if a theatre has 120 seats, at $12 per ticket, the Gross Box Office would be $1400.

The deducted costs include: the theatre rental (blended average is 45% of the box office), all the booking logistics ($200), and credit card and merchant fees (7%).  Depending on which plan you choose, Gathr takes 5%, 10% or 15%. You make 100% of the net after expenses.

Do I get a minimum guarantee for each screening?

No. Gathr does not give a minimum guarantee.

Can I choose cities where my film will or will not screened?

Sure you can! But, most of the time, a successful TOD run is organic, driven by the demand of your fans and where they live.

What theatres does Gathr work with?

Gathr has relationships with many of  the major theatre chains.  They also work with over 200 independent theatres.

How quickly can my film be on-boarded to your platform?

Go ahead and set up your landing page now and upload your materials. Once you sign up, your film will be automatically on-boarded to our platform and you can begin!

Is Gathr only in the USA?

We currently work in the US, and are in the long-term process of opening all Theatrical On Demand (TOD) screenings in Canada, the UK and Australia.

What materials do I need for my TOD® release?

You will need a DCP, BluRay, trailer, poster, and any other marketing materials you want to include.

What is an appeal video?

A video you create to explain to Movie Captains how the Gathr model works. We have a few examples in our Knowledge base. Type in “appeal videos”.

Do I have to make an appeal video?

No, but campaigns that have appeal videos do much better. This is a chance for you to introduce yourself to your Movie Captains and let them know who you are. Make your video fun! If you want, we have an add on feature to help you get one made.

Do the theatres have microphones?

Some of the theatre chains do. Contact the manager of the theatre where your film is going to be shown and ask them if they have microphones. For the theatres that do not, you have to bring your own.

Can I screen at festivals at the same time as a TOD® release?

Of course. Most of the time festival screenings do not conflict with TOD screenings. With that said, some higher profile festivals want to be an exclusive premiere for their region. If you have done a screening in Austin, for example, SXSW will not let you submit your film. Inquire with the festivals before submitting your film to them. If you get into a festival first, often a TOD event can follow in that same city.

Can I do a traditional screening release with a TOD® release?

Yes! Many films do both of the at the same time, or a TOD release following the Traditional theatre run, or a TOD run as a pre-screening to a Traditional release

How far in advance should a Movie Captain set up their screening?

While one month can be enough, we typically suggest six weeks lead time to sell out their event. If they choose, Movie Captains can sign up months in advance.

Do I need an DCP? If so, how many?

Yes, most cinemas require a DCP. You only need to send us one. If you do not have one, we can help you get one made.

How do I find my Movie Captains? Does Gathr help me with that?

Your Movie Captains come from your own fanbase.  The “Camera” and the “Action” plans includes a session with a member of our team to strategize how to market, find and motivate your tribe, and affiliate partners. You are responsible for your own outreach.

Will I know when a Movie Captain signs up to do a screening of my film?

Yes, On the dashboard for your film, you have access to all the data for every screening. You can opt to be alerted via email when a new screening is added.

Will Gathr market my film for me?

No. You are responsible for your own marketing and outreach. If you want additional help, you can hire our strategist to turn your film’s passionate community into sold out screenings and box office revenue. We provide a comprehensive selection of marketing services that range from managing, developing and implementing an entire campaign, to a la cart services that best suit your film’s needs.

I have movie posters for my film. Can I hang in the theatre?

The night of your event, posters can be hung in the light boxes near your screening the night of your event. They can also be hung near your event table, or on an easel near the entrance of your theatre. They are a great way to brand your film.  Gathr can send them out for you for a nominal fee.

How does Gathr decide where my film will screen?

We do not pre-determine in which markets a film will screen. The audience decides where the film will screen. Ideally, you create an outreach and engagement campaigns for your film that reaches passionate individuals in cities across the country who then champion the film in their hometowns by hosting Theatrical On Demand® screenings. Our releases result in a nationwide footprint of screenings anywhere and everywhere the demand exists.

How long is a TOD® run?

Typically the first 3 months generate the most screenings, but the run can last for as long as the audience is interested in the film. Many of our film have runs that last over 18 months. It is a yearly term.  You can renew on our platform if you want to stay longer.

Does my film need to be rated to show in a theatre?

No, none of the films have to be rated or classified for a Gathr screening.

Can I use the screening events as fundraisers?

Yes! We encourage you to do that! If requested, we add a button on the screening page for donations to a 501c3 organization of the Movie Captains choice. This is separate from the ticket prices so all donations go straight to your chosen non profit.

Can I sell my DVDs and/or merch on your platform?

Yes! We have an on-line store where you can sell your DVDs and other merchandise via our website. We encourage you to take advantage of this feature.

Can I buy out all the tickets to my screening and make it a private event?

Sure you can. However, we do not advise doing that for all the tickets. Often times, when someone is given a free ticket, they do not come.

What are the major differences between the plans?

Our pricing tier has three options Choose the plan that best suits your needs depending on whether you prefer to limit your downside or increase your upside.

LIGHTS PLAN is best for film that only anticipate a few screenings. Less upfront fee. Gathr takes 15% gross

CAMERA PLAN give you some additional services and Gathr takes 10% gross.

ACTION PLAN is best if you anticipate your film having 10 or more screenings. On top of all the additional services, you also get and a $350 credit towards the cost of ingesting and QC’ing your DCP Master with our 3rd party delivery partner. This credit will be reflected on your first royalty check. Gathr takes 5% gross. This plan gives you the best value.

Can I change plans once I sign up?

No. Once you pick a plan you are locked into that plan for a year.

What if I want to get marketing and/or campaign strategy help?

We can have a number of services you can add to your plan. Please check our Enhancement page for more details.

I want guidance for my Movie Captains. How can Gathr help me?

We have a number of resources to help your Movie Captains.

1) Our Gathr Guide is full of information to help your Movie Captains.

2) Create a customized ToolKit on our platform for your Movie Captains.

3) The Facebook Movie Captain group is a great place for the MC’s to ask for help from you and from the other captains.

Gathr can set up a webinar for your MC’s for an additional fee.

What kind of promotional materials are required?

Great question! We provide to you a portal to upload all your promotional materials for your Movie Captains to use. We offer suggestions for what to add including press releases, social media memes, flyers, etc.

Are there blackout dates for the theatres?

Yes. There are blackout dates around many of the major holidays. Here is a list of the dates:

Thursday Feb 14 – Sunday Feb 17

Thursday March 7 – Sunday March 10
Thursday March 21 – Sunday March 24
Thursday April 4 – Sunday April 7
Thursday April 11 – Sunday April 14
Thursday April 25 – Sunday April 28
Thursday May23 – Monday May 27
Thursday May 30- Sunday June 2
Thursday June 6
Thursday June 13
Thursday June 20
Thursday July 4 – Sunday July 7
Thursday July 18
Thursday August 1
Thursday September 7
Thursday October 3
Thursday October 10
Thursday October 31 – November 3
Thursday November 21
Wednesday November 27 – Sunday December 1
Thursday December 12 – January 1

What if my film has already been released on DVD, VOD or has been broadcasted on television?

As long as you feel you still have an active audience for your film, and you feel confident you can fill the seats, you can use our platform.

Does Gathr also handle DVD release, Community Screenings, and/or digital distribution?

I signed up for the Action Plan. Why am I being charged for the ingestion of my DCP?

Not to worry! Your $350 credit will be applied to your first quarterly payment.

Movie Hosts

How can I submit a request for a screening?

Go to our film catalogue and select the film you want.

Click on “host a screening”.

Enter your zip code and choose your preferred theater, date and time. Theater screenings that will go live automatically are at the top (blue and yellow boxes). Screenings that will take longer to go live (grey boxes) will need Gathr’s approval from the theater, and can take longer to go live.

Once you submit your request, you’ll receive an email asking you to qualify/confirm your request. After you do, we’ll send you a screening reservation link when your theater is ready and you can start promoting your event!

What is a tipping point?

The tipping point is the minimum quantity of tickets that need to be sold in order for a screening to go forward. This is the break even point which is determined by the costs of the theatre rental, and other costs related to the screening. The tip varies depending on the theatre, the day, and the location.

Has my screening tipped? How many tickets are available?

You can check the status of your screening by clicking the screening link, or by visiting gathr.com, selecting your film, and entering your zip code.

Can I request a screening at a theatre that is not on your list?

We’d be happy to help with that! If you’ve spoken with your preferred theater and have direct contact, you can have them email our bookings dept. (bookings@gathr.us).

Alternatively, a much faster approach is to move your screening to any local Regal or AMC theatre, where it’ll go live immediately.

I just signed up for a screening. How do I begin?

Once you sign up, you will be given a comprehensive Gathr Movie Captain guide that will help you through your entire Movie Captain journey.

What happens if the tipping threshold isn’t met?

If the threshold isn’t met, then the event is called off. Attendees are notified that the screening is canceled and their credit cards won’t be charged.  Any credit card holds for tickets reserved will be canceled automatically with no charge to patrons.

Can I host a Gathr® film in a non-theatrical venue? Are public screening licenses available?

Gathr® has two options for screening films: Theatrical On Demand® and public screening licenses (PSLs). Public screening licenses can be purchased to show films in non-theatrical venues such as an outdoor space, community center, school etc. There are different tiers of pricing, so the flat fee to purchase is based on the number of people you expect will attend, plus whether you’ll charge admission or not.

Unlike TOD, the PSL option is not available for every film.

Be sure to submit your screening date with your order, so we can mail the DVDs and license instructions in time. If you are unable to include it on the form, please email psl@gathr.us with the info.

How much time do I have for a Q&A?

We typically allow for 20 minutes, but if you feel as though you’ll need more time, you can fill out the Special Requests Form in your Movie Captain Dashboard, or by clicking here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfixFdShpoLXTZ-vlepCKNbEjlp21rjtKP-9Ubnk40y3e9y7g/viewform?usp=sf_link)

How many people do I need for the screening to tip?

We make that calculation for you based on operating costs, the cost of the film rights, and the cost of renting the theatre. Because these numbers aren’t always the same, and because we want to make your screening as successful as possible, we make an individual calculation to optimize the success of your screening.

The average range is 50-75 people, though the number can always differ. The best way to check the minimum reserve number is to simply go to your screening link and see how many reservations are still needed.

I accidentally picked the wrong date/venue, how can I correct that?

No problem. If you’re the Movie Captain, simply log into your Movie Captain Dashboard and fill out the Special Requests form, we’ll review your request and start working on it as soon as possible.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions: +1 (855) 647-0747

What is GathrPay™?

GathrPay™  is a new initiative we just launched where Movie Captains can earn $2 for every ticket sold. For more info about that https://gathr.com/gathr-pay/

Will you provide materials to help me promote my event?

We supply you with a toolkit created for the film with promotional and marketing materials and a Movie Captain guide. These will be found in your screening dashboard.You are invited to be part of a private Facebook group with other Movie Captains who can support and help each other succeed.

I am having tech problems with your platform. What should I do?

If you’re having tech issues, make sure to use a computer instead of a smartphone (if you weren’t already). The best browsers to access the Gathr website are Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox in that order. You may also want to clear your cache before continuing.

How do I find my screening ID number?

Your screening ID number is the first five digits of your transaction ID. It’s also found in the last five digits in your screening link (ex. https://gathr.us/screening/28165 the screening ID is #28165.)

Do I have to attend my screening?

Yes. You need to be at the cinema at least 60 mins before your screening to check names from ticket buyers. Print off a list of your movie attendees from your Gathr dashboard.

Do I have to purchase a ticket to my screening?

Of course not! We give you two complimentary tickets for being a Movie Captain.

Can I have a co-captain?

Yes! We strongly encourage that. Two people working together have twice the networks and, well, it is more fun to work with a partner. Two heads are better than one.

Can I use my screening event as a fundraiser?

Yes! We encourage you to do that! If requested, we add a button on your screening page for donations to a 501c3 organization of your choice. This is separate from the ticket prices so all donations go straight to your chosen non profit.

Can I contact the filmmaker?

Yes. Most of our filmmakers are happy to communicate with you and help you. Often times, they reach out to you once you sign up for a screening. Their contact information will be in your promotional materials.

Can I invite the filmmaker to come to my screening?

Yes! Every filmmaker has a different policy for attending screenings. Feel free to reach out to them. Screenings with the filmmaker in attendance will sell more tickets.

There is another Gathr screening in my city. Can we merge both screenings?

Yes! We encourage you to have one big screening, rather than two smaller screenings in the same location. However, we cannot automatically migrate the tickets from one screening to another. You will have to cancel one screening, and ask the ticket buyers to purchase a ticket for the other screening.

How do I know if my screenings is Greenlit?

On every screening page, you’ll find an update that shows you the number of current reservations, the number of additional reservations needed to tip the screening, as well as how much time remains before that screening request expires.

Are these films listed on the theatre's web page?

No. Gathr Films are not listed on the theatre’s marquee or on their websites.


How Can I Find A Screening near me?

You can check for nearby screenings on the Gathr homepage. Just click ‘location’ at the top of the homepage and enter your zip code. You can then reserve tickets for the location and date of your choice.

You can also select a film by clicking here: https://bit.ly/2yNNz57

If you don’t see any screenings in your area, you can also click the ‘Notify Me’ button on the same link (above the map widget) to be alerted of future screenings that pop up nearby.

Alternatively, you can submit a request to host a screening fo your own here:https://bit.ly/2yNNz57

How do I find my ticket?

Tickets are sent to your email once the screening tips, so if you don’t see them in your inbox, the best way to retrieve your tickets is here: https://bit.ly/2KubvvF

You can either print them or show them on your smartphone at the theater.

I’d like to attend a sold out screening. Should I just go to the theatre?

Your best chance would be to click the ‘alert me’ button on the reservation page and register for the waiting list should seat open up. You’ll be emailed if seats become available.

In this case, we always look for a means of hosting another screening and encourage you to submit a request for one.

I made a mistake. Can I switch my reservation?

Unfortunately, we can’t switch reservations to other screenings, but we’d be happy to cancel your ticket so that you can make a reservation to another screening. Alternatively, tickets are transferable to other guests, so you’re also free to give your tickets to someone who may be interested in attending.

What happens if a tipping threshold is not met?

If the threshold isn’t met, then the event is called off.  Ticket holders are notified that the screening is canceled and your credit cards won’t be charged.  Any credit card holds for tickets reserved will be canceled automatically with no charge to patrons.

What is the difference between reserving a ticket and purchasing a ticket?

When a movie does not have a GreenLight, your option is to reserve a ticket by pre-authorizing your credit card. You are just reserving your seat but aren’t actually being charged.

When a movie has a GreenLight, your ticket purchase will be processed immediately and your reservation will turn into a purchased ticket. An email will be sent to you containing a link to download and print your ticket.

What does Green Light mean?

A Green Light means the screening is definitely going to happen. This happens once the minimum number of reservations for a screening has been met.

What happens if a screening is cancelled after tipping?